Jessica Sarah Switzer is a graduate from the University of Sydney with a double Bachelor in Fine Arts and Visual Arts. She has continued a self-directed journey to explore modern art and graphic design, completing many courses and receiving tutelage from Graham Napier. Jessica has been involved in dozens of exhibitions and has sold over 300 pieces to date, including commissions and exhibited works.

Creative Achievements & Recognitions:
1st Prize Gosford Art Show Overflow Exhibition – People’s Choice Award 2015
3rd Prize Sydney Royal Easter Show 2002​​
Special Award Sydney Royal Easter Show 2001
Highly Commended Sydney Royal Easter Show 2000
Highly Commended Sydney Royal Easter Show 1998

Jess is a mother of three children, two of whom attend Laguna Public School and we are honoured to have her as our Feature Artist for 2021.

 Artist statement:

My name is Jessica Sarah Switzer, and I am a 36-year-old artist specialising in hyper realism in a variety of mediums.

My art reflects all that I am. Whilst it is a labour of love and a welcomed escape, it is also witness to anxiety, depression, self-doubt, low self-esteem, and a constant battle of worthiness. As confident as I come across in my art and everyday persona, every artwork I undertake challenges every aspect of who I am.

In recent years I have been redefining myself as an artist since my world was rocked by cancer. While writing numerous profiles over the years it has become evident that I draw a lot of my inspiration and strength from nature itself, observing the beauty and fragility of life around me, of survival, success, death, and decay. There is something comforting and reassuring about this knowledge of nature and the cycle of life, one of which strangely gives me power over my own existence and fate.

Horses and Australia’s wild brumbies have always been a favoured subject, even as a child. The brumbies inspired me by their beauty, strength, and resilience to survive a hostile environment and threats imposed by humans. It drew a parallel to my own life as I struggled through mental health as a teenager and now as I battle metastatic breast cancer. Through trauma there is still beauty and I explore this through my art. 

My drawings and paintings are meticulously rendered to life-like realism, capturing a raw moment in time reflective of my life, while healing and rediscovering myself as a survivor and artist. The use of traditional mediums act like a filter to comfortably explore and portray the raw and intimate moments of the journey to my audience.



Left: Jessica Sarah Switzer with artwork in progress.
Right: Detail of “Snowy Mountain Brumbies by Jessica Sarah Switzer